The Science Behind Acne

Know how acne occurs and how you can stop it.

Know how acne occurs and how you can stop it

Acne, pimples, dark spots- whatever manner you might want to call an acne it still doesn’t change the fact that indeed having one is probably one of the major problems of us young people (as well as those who feel young at heart). But what is the best way to stop acne? Probably it is through learning the real science behind it so that you, in your own way can fully understand how it is formed therefore preparing you on how to eventually prevent having acne in the near future.


                There are many types of acne but most of them are highly specialized and rare. The most common type of acne by which 80% of all acne problems are attributed to is the acne vulgaris. Vulgaris being so common can be attributed to many factors such as hormonal imbalance, excessive amount of sebum or oil in your skin, the clogging of dirt on your pores, and even bacteria.


                Our face normally produces oil to shield us from any dirt or bacteria. However, when oil is present in excess, it can block the pores by which dead skin is supposed to exit from our body. Bacteria as well if there is any on the very onset can be blocked by these oil-ridden pores. After the pore has been blocked by oil, dirt and bacteria starts to accumulate, hence acne occurs. If this clog is initially formed below the surface of the face, then it would form a whitehead but once this clog surfaces in the facial pores it becomes a blackhead.


You might not have noticed it until now but statistically speaking, there are more men who suffer acne than women. Why is this so? Since acne is primarily caused by oil or sebum in our face, then it just goes to follow that the more oil you produce the higher the likelihood of you getting an acne. Since men generally have larger pores and that women, then it would mean that generally they produce more sebum, hence they have a higher chance of ever getting an acne than a normal woman would.


Now that you know how pimples occur and form in the first place, it’s time to know how you can use the power of science to defeat it. Firstly you know that pimples are caused by excess oil and excess oil is produced by large pores. Pores become larger when they are always subjected to heat or warm water. Hence, in the morning do not wash your face with warm or cold water. Prepare water that is of room temperature.

In addition, gently massage it and do not vigorously rub it. If pimples or acnes pop out immaturely, they produce excess oil, which would just affect other areas of your skin, thus only contributing to their numbers. Hence, be careful not to rub your face too much. Whenever wiping your face with a towel, just dab the towel on your face and prevent rubbing it. This would take a longer time but surely the time that you spent would obviously be better rather than not investing any effort and time at all and only bearing the brunt of your actions later.

Lastly, you can invest in facial cleansers or soap but it is highly recommended for you to just find a soap that is natural and most of all not harsh. There are a lot of mild soaps which you can choose from. Always use a mild soap in order to prevent any further damage to your skin.