How To Properly Wash Your Face If You Have Acne

You have to pay more attention in washing your face if you have acne problems.

You have to pay more attention in washing your face if you have acne problems

Having a good hygiene despite the fact of acnes breaking out of your skin is an important requirement of you getting rid of those zits in the first place. The key towards achieving an acne free skin lies with the idea of having the discipline to wash your face every now and then.


With the advancement of medical technology, several skin care products have been made to specially remove acne in your face. However, this does not mean that those products are automatically safe and effective. There are products who promise to remove your acne while it whitens your skin while there are also some who promise total prevention.

If you don’t want any complications to arise, then you might want to prevent purchasing cleansers who promise a myriad of things since in the first place they are the most complex and harsh cleansers available. So, it would be better to settle with a product that just promises one thing rather than experiment on those shady others who might not even be that effective in the first place.


            Since there are lots of products of products available in the market now, choose a cleanser that says it can remove oil and is non-comedogenic in the first place. Oil or sebum is what clogs your pores in the first place so you’ll really need an oil cleanser. Next thing you need is a cleanser whose components will not clog or block your pores, hence non-comodogenic.

You will realize as well that you are on the right path if you see labels like mild and non-irritating since the last thing that you’ll ever want and need is for your skin to encounter more problems or even worse, have an allergic reaction.

Also choose a cleanser that has a label of non-over drying. You would want to remove excess oil but some cleansers dry up your skin to kill of acnes. Well you can kill acnes through this process, but you’ll also be killing your own cells in the process- so be careful on that.

Acnes can be inflammatory and they may even react harshly if you push so many cleansers or chemicals. Hence, also choose a cleanser without any scrubbing mechanism. Avoid those products that have micro-beads, balls, or scrubbers. While they may be good in “scrubbing” your face from any dirt, they can as well irritate your already sensitive skin.

As much as possible prevent any products that have so much chemical in it. But if you can’t avoid it, then choose products which has lesser than 2-3% salicylic acid. Also keep benzoyl peroxide below 10%. All these chemicals may irritate your skin so you might as well prevent them or keep them low.


Now you know the basics. If you have your cleanser with you, remember to only wash your face at most twice daily. Excess washing can either dry up your skin or even irritate it. Both will only worsen you acne problem so DO NOT EXCESSIVELY wash. Wash your face with at least 10-12 hours gap.

Use your bare hands in washing and no other scrubbers. Gently massage your face and cleanse it. Massage it in a circular manner. Do not push so hard or stroke too fast neither. You just have to quickly wash your face for about a minute or so.


The last part of washing your face is through drying it. Do use a towel that is gentle to the skin and is 100% cotton. Gently dab your skin with the towel and never wipe it as if you are wiping your body. Gently dab the towel until it is dry.