Food You Need To Avoid To Get Rid of Acne

If you want to get rid of your acne, you need to do your best to choose the food that you are eating

If you want to get rid of your acne, you need to do your best to choose the food that you are eating

You are what you eat. This is the most common mantra that we all learned when we were still in grade school. And it does really makes sense- especially with our skin. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it does two things- absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Hence, if ever you eat too much waste or even toxins, then most probably your skin would look as happy as you are. Whatever you eat can be shown by your skin.

In fact, there are foods which can trigger a lot of skin diseases like for example acne. Yes- food can trigger the formation of acne in your skin. Hence, follow these simple guide on which food to avoid in order to prevent acnes from forming your skin.

Sweet Tooth People Beware

Sweets do a lot of benefits to us. Chocolates makes us happy scientifically, not to mention it tastes heavenly as well. However, we are very sad to tell you that sweets come number one in our hit list of foods that causes acne. Sweets especially chocolate triggers the release of insulin which in turn would have the side effect of triggering sebum in your skin which would ultimately cause acne. Settle for alternatives such as sweet potatoes which are healthy but do not trigger as much sebum as sweets.

Dairy Products Should Be Regulated

If you consume too much cheese, milk or other creamy treats- it can and will cause acne problems. Dairy products can cause your hormones to shoot up. People who have known hormonal imbalance should be the one on the lookout with these products since they are the most affected by the adverse effects of too much consumption of dairy goods.

That Extra Shot of Espresso Will Only Hurt Your Skin

We are sorry to break your bubble but caffeine does actually cause your pimples to show up again and again since at some extent it also triggers the production of hormones that causes adrenaline- which in turn would have a side effect of producing sebum. If you want to get rid of your acne- regulate if not eliminate your caffeine intake.

Processed Food

Processed food, just like sugar can trigger the production of insulin which in turn will shoot up the levels of sebum in your skin. If you don’t want acne then you’d be better off prevent yourself from eating too much processed food.

Oily And Fatty Foods

This is the most obvious of all. Never again try to eat fatty and oily food if you have acne. It will only worsen your problem. As what we have been discussing in the previous posts, sebum is caused by oil. Hence consuming too much of it will not only make you fat and bloated, it will also lead to your skin producing more sebum in the end. More sebum equals more dirt being trapped into your face. More dirt means more acne. The idea of your face being a dirt magnet is already horrible, how much more if it becomes an acne magnet due to the food that you eat? Yikes!