5 Acne Myths: What Causes and Does Not Cause Acne

Learn the myths about acne and learn which facts are really facts

Learn the myths about acne and learn which facts are really facts

Having your face ridden with acne can be very annoying especially if you are in your teen age years or you think that socializing with people is an important and crucial part of your life. There are a lot of hearsays and trivia that are going on about how to prevent acne and what causes it. We are here to finally smite all those myths, bust them for you and tell you exactly what causes and does not cause acne in the end. [Read more…]

Food You Need To Avoid To Get Rid of Acne

If you want to get rid of your acne, you need to do your best to choose the food that you are eating

If you want to get rid of your acne, you need to do your best to choose the food that you are eating

You are what you eat. This is the most common mantra that we all learned when we were still in grade school. And it does really makes sense- especially with our skin. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and it does two things- absorb nutrients and eliminate waste. Hence, if ever you eat too much waste or even toxins, then most probably your skin would look as happy as you are. Whatever you eat can be shown by your skin.

In fact, there are foods which can trigger a lot of skin diseases like for example acne. Yes- food can trigger the formation of acne in your skin. Hence, follow these simple guide on which food to avoid in order to prevent acnes from forming your skin. [Read more…]

The Science Behind Acne

Know how acne occurs and how you can stop it.

Know how acne occurs and how you can stop it

Acne, pimples, dark spots- whatever manner you might want to call an acne it still doesn’t change the fact that indeed having one is probably one of the major problems of us young people (as well as those who feel young at heart). But what is the best way to stop acne? Probably it is through learning the real science behind it so that you, in your own way can fully understand how it is formed therefore preparing you on how to eventually prevent having acne in the near future.

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How To Properly Wash Your Face If You Have Acne

You have to pay more attention in washing your face if you have acne problems.

You have to pay more attention in washing your face if you have acne problems

Having a good hygiene despite the fact of acnes breaking out of your skin is an important requirement of you getting rid of those zits in the first place. The key towards achieving an acne free skin lies with the idea of having the discipline to wash your face every now and then. [Read more…]

Meet Thy Chemicals That Promise To Cure Your Acne Problem

Are you confident enough of the medications that you buy for your acne?

Are you confident enough of the medications that you buy for your acne?

There are lots of products available in the market today that promise to fight acne. The solution and promises of these products are backed up probably by the chemicals that they are made of. Hence, the efficiency and safeness of the products that you are using does not lie on its campaign ads but rather on the chemical that is mixed with that product formula. Hence, read on to know what those weird chemical names at the back of your treatment kit or regimen mean and entail as you apply them in your face. Here are the three most common chemicals that are present in almost all beauty regimens that promise to cure acne:

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6 Ways on How To Stop And Prevent Acne Formation

Prevent acne through this 6 simple steps

prevent acne through this 6 simple steps

The skin is the largest organ in our body and it aside from providing form, protection and heat management for our body, the skin probably is one of the gauges society uses to measure one’s beauty. But don’t get us wrong- it is not all about your color, but nowadays, humans as we are we always are unconsciously attracted to men or women whose skin is smooth and is acne-free.


As skin cells age, they are ejected towards the skin’s outermost layer and the flat out through time. They then form a layer where you can be protected from bacteria and viruses. However, due to too much sebum or oil sometimes, dead skin and sebum blocks the hair follicle or tiny pores in your skin, disabling other sebum and dead cells to be discharged. Bacteria joins the mix and other impurities, hence producing acne.

Acne usually occurs at age 20 above and at some extent, it can be natural to have one. However, if there are a lot of factors present in excess such as rubbing it, picking, or even being exposed to too much dirt or heat, then acne formation can accelerate and become more often than normal.

Follow these steps to prevent the formation of acne in our face.


The most common mistake of people when they have acne is that they try to pick it or remove it forcibly. The problem with this is that it can only lead to infection and even probably to the spreading of your acne. You only block your pores more and you open yourself to many more problems and complications. Hence, it is best not to touch the affected part if ever you find an acne in your face.

Also, you may not try to pick it, but you also have to stop touching your skin or the affected part. If you do want to touch it then make sure that your hands are certainly clean. Why this is so? Because a lot of dirt and impurities that we may potentially get in contact to are usually smeared and stuck in our hands. Even if we cannot notice it, we actually do wipe or touch our skin with our hands a couple of times a day. So make sure you do not touch your face, or at least keep your hands clean all the time.


                Taking some time to wash your face gently every day is the simplest yet most effective way of preventing acnes from ever appearing and even lessening them over time. Since your acne forms from the presence of dead skin, dirt, sebum, oil, bacteria and other impurities, then it is best to wash away these entities before they ever get the chance to group together and form acnes. Grease build up throughout the day so if you miss a day or two in washing your face, then these grease might just retain and even escalate your problem.

However, we all know that washing your face always would make your skin dry. So be sure to just wash it gently and not too excessively. Also, always remember to use mild soap in washing your face in order to prevent complications or any other problems. Washing with harsh and strong agents may only irritate your skin, or worse, develop more skin problems other than acne. Remember as well not to rub your skin harshly and only massage it gently. Also, be sure to wash your skin with water at a normal temperature since cold water can affect your pore and warm water can open it up more hence only attracting more dirt afterwards.


                Contrary from popular belief, sweating can actually help your skin release the dirt and even clean itself from the impurities that are building up. Not to mention the other physical and mentala benefits of exercise, doing this everyday do not only improve your health but also your beauty. Try to get some exercise even just for half an hour every day.

Exercising also improves blood flow and restores any unnatural hormonal imbalance which is one of the main causes of some acne. Also, sweating regulates your body temperature and it reduces the excessive sebum that your face produces.

If you want to have a glowing skin as well as an acne-free one, then exercise daily. This will brighten up your face, reduce your acne and even keep you in shape.


                Your skin would always need fresh air in order for sebum not no build up as well as sweat. Also, heat and friction can even cause more acne. Hence, if you are wearing a helmet or any athletic gear, it would be better to loosen them up in order to give some space for your skin to have some fresh air. Although we agree that yes your air might have impurities, letting your skin have some space would be better than covering it and just letting the heat, sebum, and sweat build up over time. Jogging pants and some yoga out fits can also irritate your skin due to the material by which it was made on. If you are having some skin or acne problems and you happen to be wearing these types of clothing then you might as well switch to some clothes that are not too tight and are made of cotton.


                Stress is the one of the major contributory factors of having acne problems. Stressing yourself about something would not help you erase all those problems. We are not saying that you should not ever care about the world now and that your acne problems is bigger than any other concerns, what we’re telling you is that worrying too much about something would not help either. So, if you can’t help it and the week is just so hectic, spending a day off or even a few minutes relaxing and thinking about things by which you want to reward yourself with after that hell week can be a good stress reliever.

Maintain a proper hygiene even if you barely have time other than your work or other things. When we are stressed out our brain releases stress hormones like cortisol which would prop up the production of sebum, which in turn increases the likelihood of you getting acne by the end of the month. Hence you should always remember that in times of stress, you should always wash your face in order to remove the excess sebum that your body is always releasing.


                If your acne are already abnormally recurring and they seem to only worsen through time, then perhaps it would be best to consult a dermatologist. Consulting a specialist now would be a good investment rather than spending and wasting too much time and money later on some solutions which may or may not suit your skin. Remember that this is a case to case basis. Sometimes it might be caused by too much stress, hormonal imbalance, allergy or even some reaction to a medication that you are currently taking. You should never think twice in seeking medical attention if you think that your case isn’t getting any better through the days.