How to Get Rid of Acne on Chest


Acne is every woman’s greatest enemy. It grows primarily because of too much oil produced by our sebaceous glands getting clogged in our pores along with dead skin cells and bacteria. Depending on what goes on inside of our pores, it is always unfortunate for us to be getting acne as a result. It can be a zit, a zit with a pus, a whitehead or a blackhead. No matter what it might be, we hate it and we don’t want it on our face.

But mind you, acne doesn’t just appear on our faces. There is that thing that we call body acne as well. As long as there is oil production, moisture, dead skin cells, bacteria and clogged pores, expect a possible appearance of your worst enemy. The chest for example is one prone area.

When we engage ourselves in activities that cause us to sweat, one of the parts of our body that becomes really sweaty is our chest. That is why during summer or very humid seasons, it is when most people suffer from chest acne. Add to that sunscreens and lotions that we apply on our bodies and you have for yourself the perfect recipe for clogged pores. Bacterial infection which causes acne to worsen on your chest area may also come from moist or unclean shirts that touch your skin.

The important thing to always remember in clearing out acne from your chest is to maintain a clean body. Don’t rush in getting done with your shower, but instead take time to clean yourself thoroughly from sweat and unwanted body oil. Use a body wash or soap that contains salicylic acid. The skin on your chest is sensitive so avoid over scrubbing. However it is a good idea to use a soft loofah or sponge to exfoliate your chest area.


Did you know that saltwater is also good in treating body acne? If a dip into the beach is too impractical for you, then create your own saltwater by diluting 1 cup of sea salt in 1 liter of water. Submerge a washcloth and tap it on your chest without squeezing the water off. Let your skin absorb the solution and repeat the procedure 4 to 5 times. This doesn’t promise immediate results but if you do this regularly, you will see improvements. You can also use topical creams such as those containing salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide. Calamine lotion is also good in healing chest acne.

You have to love aloe vera as well because it is effective in getting rid of acne on your chest. It contains anthraquinones and lectins that help treat these stubborn zits. Although this wonder herb has a gel form that can be bought over the counter, your best option is still organic. Cut off a stem and apply its sap over your affected area. Let your chest’s skin absorb it and see results when done regularly.

As you treat this annoying acne problem on your chest, do as much as you can to avoid encountering the same problem. Drink lots of water, have a healthy diet of fruits and vegetable, exercise regularly, wash yourself thoroughly clean from sweat and avoid clothes made out of harsh fabric.