How to Get Rid of Acne on Butt


We women know how important shapes and curves are in having the perfect body that we can be confident of. During summer, how we love to wear those bikinis and bask ourselves underneath the heat of the sun with a little bit of flaunting from here to there. It isn’t a problem if we have the shapes from way above to down below but what a nightmare it can be to us if we have zits all over our bottom. It ruins the whole thing and makes us run into hiding instead because of embarrassment.

Acne is a very common problem among women. It is usually caused by hormonal imbalances that cause over secretion of oil in our skin’s pores. Oil, dead skin cells and bacteria get clogged altogether and produce acne all over our face and other parts of our body. In our face it usually appears in our T-zone which includes our forehead, nose and chin. Other parts of our body such as the back and chest are also prone to acne because of sweat production. But the butt remains to be a question of how come?

How come even our butts get to have acne? Why wouldn’t they? Our buttocks also get sweaty although not as much compared to our backs and chests, but it gets sweaty enough to build up moisture. Add to that the friction that we get from the constant rubbing of our clothes and our behind’s skin and you have the perfect recipe for a breakout. It might not be very glamorous but everybody gets to experience having a butt acne. The important thing to focus on is not on answering the why but the how. How do we get rid of this annoying acne on our butts and prevent it from reappearing.

The very first thing you have to keep in mind is to do away with the urge to pop it! Popping pimples is never a good idea because it usually leads to scarring. When you shower, make sure to thoroughly clean your behind from any sweat or unwanted oil using a soft loofah and salicylic soap or body wash. Exfoliate using gentle scrubs that contain AHA (Alpha hydroxyl acid). AHA works well in getting rid of dead skin cells. When exfoliating, remember to avoid over scrubbing as this may worsen acne.

Apply benzoyl peroxide on a cotton pad and apply it directly over the affected area. Benzoyl peroxide causes drying so apply an oil-free moisturizer afterwards. There are also certain topical anti-acne creams that are specifically formulated for butt acne. You can also try using such creams instead. If you are not sure on which brand to use, it is always best to consult an expert dermatologist.

You can also try using home remedies such as applying lemon juice over your acne in order to dry it out. Coconut and tea tree oil are also good in healing acne because it has an antifungal and antibacterial effect. You can also make an aspirin paste through crushing four to five aspirins and mixing it with one tablespoon of lukewarm water and a drop of honey.