5 Acne Myths: What Causes and Does Not Cause Acne

Learn the myths about acne and learn which facts are really facts

Learn the myths about acne and learn which facts are really facts

Having your face ridden with acne can be very annoying especially if you are in your teen age years or you think that socializing with people is an important and crucial part of your life. There are a lot of hearsays and trivia that are going on about how to prevent acne and what causes it. We are here to finally smite all those myths, bust them for you and tell you exactly what causes and does not cause acne in the end.

Your Diet Can’t Cause Acne

Myth. Some people say that acne is only a problem of sebum, dirt or other external factors that you meet on a daily basis. But this is the most common misconception of all. The food that you eat can actually affect the levels of hormone and even sebum which your face produces. Some food would make your body produce more oil while some do not- hence it is entirely true that your food can and will decide whether or not you would have acne in the future.

Acnes Appear Commonly If You are only in Your Teenage Years

Myth. Some say that once you are already in your 20’s or even 40’s, the probability of getting acne is zero. This is not true. Acne can affect almost all people at any points of their lives. Statistically speaking, there might be a lot of teens who have acne but this is only because adolescence causes your body to shift and produce hormones at an erratic way. But, even those older people are still at risk of acne since our body can still be subject to stress, dirt and sebum- regardless of our age.

Washing Your Face Always can Take Away Your Acne

Myth. In fact, washing your face more than twice a day can irritate the acne and even cause more acnes to spread all over your face. As much as possible limit the number of times you wash your face up to two times if you have acne. It is important to keep your face clean- but washing it too much can even cause irritation, hence more problems.

Popping your acne can End Your Agony

Myth. Popping your acne will only allow the sebum to spread along with the dirt and even bacteria in other areas of your face which could cause more pimples along the way. It also leaves a nasty hole in your face, leaving more space for dirt to enter. Never pop your acne- however annoying it may be.

Exercise and Sweating Will not Help

Myth. It is always better to exercise and sweat in order for your pores to excrete the dirt that may be trapped inside it. Exercising also help you improve the production of hormones as well as balancing the way it is released by the body, hence stabilizing the amount of hormones that causes sebum, which in turn eliminates the possibility of you developing more pimples in the end.

Men are more Prone To Acne Than Women

Myth. This is a big myth. Although both may differ from the hormonal levels, the risk factor of having acne is just the same for men and women. It isn’t true that acne can sometimes be gender specific or even age specific. Whether you are a man or a woman, you really have to take good care of your skin, else, acne would never be selective- it would always attack those who do not watch their lifestyle choices well.